Monday, March 31, 2008

Goodbye Chickens

I thought I heard something last night, I really did, but I didn't investigate it. This morning..I see two black lab puppies roaming around our backyard. I really didn't think TOO much of that. Annoyance is sometimes hard for me to dredge up. I actually THOUGHT about feeding them. I went out to the back deck and tried to call them up. NO deal. THEN....I saw all the feathers.
I STILL didn't think a whole lot of it.
I found the bodies. The damn puppies killed my chickens. I felt horrid. They had JUST started layin eggs again--having survived this brutal winter without a warming light. They made me laugh. I found two bodies, it was gruesome, I was crying. I don't think I'll ever be able to cook a chicken again...the guts looked the same as the chickens I eat. I know that doesn't make sense but...bleh.
The one calico cat Carmella, was WAY up in the front tree. Didn't have enough sense to come out of the rain and into the barn like the other two cats.
If ONE more person tells me how chickens HAVE to be in a coop...yah Ok I get it. But these chickens..they would meet me at the driveway..escort me up the front walk. ...I'm bummed.


Jan said...

Oh, gore. Sorry for you and for the chickens.

Lady Liberal said...

Oh, so sad! :(
Poor chickens!
I'm so sorry!

Mini Me's Room said...

I still can't get over it all takes time,ya know?


I am sorry. I lost my pet duck, Emery like that to the neighbor dog. Emery would meet me at the driveway, play catch with me. I loved him. This really sucks for you.