Friday, March 14, 2008

Jake, age 9 Pluera Pulmonary Blastoma

Jake is down in Ann Arbor this weekend for the full dose of chemo therepy. Jake's mom is very sad, as one of the other mom's she came to know, lost her child today. It's not easy.

The entire community came together tonight for an auction benefit. There were so many donations the event site was too small. The live auction was incredible. An INCLUSIVE 7 day stay at Cancun, a 1969 Snowmobile (Only in Michigan)-- that still ran and was "revved" up for everyone, leather coats, 4 Detroit tiger tickets, Nascar tickets, gift baskets. Over 10 thousand dollars was raised. AND, My personal Scoop of the night for son< MARIO PHONE.

I also bought a new table, one of the 6 ft plastic church type tables for 20 dollars, and a couple other goodies.

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