Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Listening ear

Like my friend "Working Mom" (whose link on my sidebar is mysterious as "http: "
I am SICK of listening to others woes. (but she has some REALLY cool limericks about it....
I used the word WOES.
Ok, not sick of OTHERS woes. Just tired. Maybe of everybody right now. With yellow snot dripping down my throat, I'm not very nice. To anyone.
My "Plow guy" who is worth his weight in gold called me. I ignored him. Damn. He called again. Sounded...desperate. Child visitation woes. And yes-he has multiple woes.
No job, No home, bad history. Yet REALLY trying to be a dad. Girlfriend "justs wants him to sign off".
This guy, I talked to WEEKS ago when I WAS teaching a parenting class about COMING to the parenting class since, GEES--He was "Court Ordered" for parenting classes TWO YEARS ago. He was so "wondering" WHY he was ordered to BABY classes when his child was 2 1/2 years old. Well Dude..YOU WEREN'T. Your baby WAS a baby THEN.
I will spare you the messy messy details. He can't read good. He can't hear very good. His white trash mom spent his SSI money and didn't buy him his 2 hearing aids he's supposed to have. He wouldn't look me in the eye. He is broken, beaten, and 23.
He is a Hard worker. Has a plow. Is willing to work. Bothered to GO to the Court house to get new Court Ordered Documents.
LISTENED to me as I royally kicked his ass. I told him to step up to the plate, quit whining like a girl and CHANGE.
HE LISTENED as I Carefully crafted out a notebook for him to use, and documented just what he had done yesterday and today.
He perked up when I taught him how to SHAKE hands like a Man and not a wuss, and "got" it.
He thanked me for talking "straight" to him.

Yah. Thanks lady for kickin my ass. I really needed that.
OK. I spared you SOME of the details. Really. Really. I did.

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Straight talk always works. This poor guy is only 23? That is so sad. Good for you and your honesty.