Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Almost Dead

Yeah, so this commuting thing...which is when a person of usually at least average intelligence gets into a vehicle, and drives for xx number of hours EACH day to and from generally a place of employment.

Yesterday...First day of Daylight savings time. I see flashing lights in right lane, MERGE to left with 3 other vehicles in front of me...Each SLAMS on brakes...including me who BOTHERED to look in my rearview mirror first---because *#($@## had been riding my ASS for miles, and KNEW if I braked quickly (Suddenly the $700 repair bills we had last week on 2 vehicles seems WORTH EVERY DIME), that he would CREAM ME. SO....being the quick thinking commuter, I have to QUICKLY and DECISIVELY pull onto the shoulder of the LEFT lane...where I see TWO PEOPLE standing!!! WTF?????....So...I have to PULL back into the left lane, making the guy behind me (hopefully) think ..."Oh, maybe I shouldn't follow so close"...because there was a CAR on it's ROOF, and no cops even in sight yet. --just spent several minutes trying to find the news article but can't seem to find it. Seems a woman just FLIPPED her car. She was taken to local hospital but don't know if she survived or not.
(from above website)
There are about 280,000 rollover crashes in the US each year, resulting in about 10,000 fatal accidents. SUVs with a high center of gravity, are more likely to involved in rollover accidents than typical sedans. About 35 percent of fatal crashes in SUVs resulted from a rollover crash, compared to 16 percent of fatal passenger car accidents resulting from rollovers. This percentage indicates fact that SUVs are much more likely to rollover and result in a fatality.

Today...CHOO CHOO, Choo
Choo choo, choo choo ch'boogie
Whoo whoo, whoo whoo ch'boogle
Choo choo choo choo ch'boogie
Take me right back to the track, Jack-------There is a train track across the road from us, and crossing over it JUST YESTERDAY, I thought, Hummnnn...I haven't seen a train on these tracks in MONTHS!! and TODAY...I don't know how it missed me...all I know is I crossed the TRACKS, and it let out a HUGE TRAIN horn blast, and it was in my mirror when I looked back. My only sister works for AMTRACK and I KNOW to be 'train aware'. Shocked the crap (almost) out of me.
Yah..I think I mighta dropped something in MY tracks about then. What a bummer to be killed 1/4 mile from home. That would REEELLLY suck.
Yah. I just love commuting.
Why do I do it? Oh yah..>THE PAYCHECKS come EVERY two weeks, and I AM VERY very grateful!!

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I always slam on the breaks when people follow too closely. I know that someday that will get me in trouble, but for now, it always makes people back the hell off.