Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tae Park Tae Kwon Do Camp My new favorite website.
Just got back from Tae Kwon Do camp. I wanted to 'bless' the staff, and help at camp..and I worked my ASS off to do so. I don't know how Much I contributed, but I made a HUGE effort. The kids were kept ROCKING all weekend by amazing staffers. These men and women are amazing. Dedicated. Athletes. Strong and Vulnerable. Passionate and Compelling.
Check in was Friday, and after Helena Puking her guts out all morning...I made the mom Decision to just make her go...I had to go..they needed me in the Kitchen..and the other 2 kids needed to go. SO..we went. She settled down. She kicked bags, ran, worked out with finesse. Joy had more stamina than some of the adults or older students. I say that as an observer, not a mom.

I started and don't think I ever stopped. When I wasn't in kitchen, I had brought my massage table with me (what I was THINKING?)..its SO much work giving massages...but I could think of no better way to give back to these incredible athletes. I picked up a new massage CD that worked out great...I wanted the dinners to be nicer and tried to play music for them also.
I cooked for 30+ all weekend. Spagetti, Garlic bread....Salads, desserts, Prep, set up, clean up, dishes, start all over again...I wanted continuity in the kitchen. The Students of Tae Kwon Do are assigned to work sometimes also. Some...a couple in collage were incredible Whiners. One in particular..I wanted to just slap him. It's NOT about Me...but There I was a "nobody" to the organization...busting my ass to make it better for be support and healer...and this dude did NOTHING but insult me...tell me how HE would do it this way..and HE wants this...I can see why he doesn't have black belt..his mental toughness is not there. he was the Exception however. Some kids...Brian, my kids, others..BUSTED their butts all weekend in Sessions, and cheerfully assisted me, and anyone else.
This morning..had bouts of vomiting...across camp. Yah...I'm cleaning it up pre coffee, and pre morning pee. I love my kids instructor Paula. She...well..just couldn't handle the puke right then. I could. We both had the heaves...LOL.

My ankle is HUGE right now..easily 4-5 times its normally swollen self. I forgot my "shoes" with inserts and had Sandals all weekend. BIG mistake.

I did a couple of amazing massage sessions...very personal, in depth, and well..I think healing.
SO Rock on Northern Michigan Tae Park Tae Kwon Do. You DO rule!
Oh..One AMUSING thing ...we had some intruders one night....that were dispatched easily..and when they were in their row boat in the water..Called the Master .."a lousy guitar playing faggot". ...and other things. I had just enough wine in me that I was laughing about it for hours. The Master had his guitar...and was making up songs about the incident. They OBVIOUSLY didn't know he could remove their existence with ease. At that was an intimate gathering of 3 Long time multiple black belts, and me. I Have many leadership skills, and feel I fit in just fine. I am changed because of this experience. I'm making a list of how to do it better next year.

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