Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Trying to get things more in order...HAD to start the Air in the living room..hung a sheet up to block the hallway and kitchen area. It was not even blowing COOL air. I was bummed. THEN bing bing bing!!! I realized the winter cover was still on!! Out goes DD, cuts off tape pulls off cover and Blessed COOLER air. YES. I may live.
Three loads of laundry-and hanging on the line, cleaned front room, blinds dusted, vacuumed, working now on kitchen.
DD is testing for her High blue belt in Tae on Thursday night..she has class tonight in Mt P. The Master was IMPRESSED with how hard they all worked at Camp 2 weeks ago. How cool is that. She will surpass her brother now in testing and belt. That's even cooler!! Brother is at camp this week. There is more peace in the household. But Dang..these girls are wildcats and can get into it!

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