Sunday, June 10, 2007

Purpose driven money

Started a small group tonight based from Money and Crown Financial. Same DVD format with workbook.
It was like visiting an old friend when Rick Warren Laughed..(heh heh heh)....thought I should slam a shot or something. In our old group..the joke was whenever he laughed..Heh heh heh..thats what we'd do.
Great stuff really. Most of it I know. I would HIGHLY recommend it based on this evening's "stuff". I've been reading in Jeremiah..'Pray for peace and Prosperity"...(I know you can't know this..but I was distracted by a 'don" chicken salad sandwich)..God wants to use my wallet like a river to FLOW THROUGH.
Random thoughts:
whatever my costs money...even "hospitality" costs $$
I can be MORE free to God if I'm out of debt
The group moderator said Wesley had a sermon that summed up was:
Make all you can
Save all you can
Give all you can

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