Monday, June 25, 2007


So...with this new venture I'm doing...I ran into what I may have to consider to be a PAIN in the butt.
I had an appointment for 10 this morning...I'm on my way to drop off the urchins for babysitting...and an hour before at 9...the person calls and cancels. CRAP. I think that people who don't have kids have NO IDEA the planning that has to go in for an event to occur. Plus..its absolutely a no win situation...I can't complain to the person canceling, as it is not going to change their mind...I can't complain...(Note to readers How I am saying complain instead of bitch), to anyone that cares...its just frustrating and demeaning that my time / effort / opportunity is not appreciated. I assume this will occur more as I get more business stuff going...its still just a PAIN.

...and inconsiderate. No surprise there tho.

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