Friday, June 22, 2007


So I've been working at the Springs this week running the conference center. I had managed a Best Western Hotel with 150 rooms before, so I'm familiar. However...THIS is not a hotel. This is working 20 hours a day...running the kitchen, making breakfast for 100, making lunch for 100 and making dinner for 100, and then turning around and doing it all again.
I'm exhausted. Hub and I have done their fundraising dinner the last few years..and THIS doing THAT three times a day. Throw in me not knowing what I'm doing..and we have a decision 45 minutes before dinner..OK SCRAP the Taco Salad...We're switching Menus..go to TOMORROW's Lunch today....AWWC KKKKK!!!! Yah...

We had two great and diverse groups staying, one a "volunteer" crew kicking butt around the campus...and the other teen group doing a retreat. they got a long well. My DD Helena is attending Camp on campside...and looking good! Her counseloris one of the O'Boyles, and is going to China with them next year to homeschool their kids for them while they attend Language school.

Son William...has stepped up to the plate, is working, doing dishes, cleaning rooms and not complaining..(too much). Little Joy Linn is kicking major butt..she has consistantly wanted to work..pours drinks, makes brownies, cookies, cleans tables amazing. Her Tae teacher would be so proud of her.
Ok..I hear the dinner bell. we have a Cook out tonight camp side.
WAITTT!!! I talked to my Guy in russia this week!! YES!! On for October.
I NEED FUNDS!! Pray that God will provide.
He does. and is. and IS amazing. I have 4 days of massages next week with one client, and Friday, one of the tae kwon do people called and is giving two 1 1/2 hour massages as gifts for good employees on Friday!! XSo Next week I'll make some money. Kewl huH?

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