Friday, June 29, 2007

Fantastic Friday

Well..I actually MADE some money this week doing "Body Work". It has been good. Today..I went to a Radio Station as a Promo for a couple employees doing a great job. One of them...I got to work on the Morning show guy. He was a stitch! Older, handsome..and just..funny. I always ask if they've had surgeries, had body work..(massage) before etc. He was definitive that yah yah...he'd had them before...but..I guess when I was done with him...he told the 'boss'..that it was the BEST he had ever had.'s so good to be number one.
I truly did out do myself. I brought a china cup and saucer...some green tea...candles--lots of them..incense and ginger air spray. I laid out the room...which was great..No door in and out, unplugged the phone...and they walked into another world. I try to appeal to every sense a person has...taste (next time..DARK CHOCOLATE), smell, alter their viewpoint. Manipulate the Environment. I also worked my ass off!.

Helena....Did GREAT last night!! Mr. G...the Master, and the Master of Mr G was there...( TAE PARK. He came to USA in 1974. Helena got her uniform signed by him.
She was IMPECCABLE. Strength, speed, fantastic form. She was thrilled when Mr. G did not call her number one time--but her NAME. Her fighting with another student was COOL. (and she kicked his ass).
GOOD JOB HELENA...For THAT ..and for doing great in school...YOU GET....a new KITTY!! Yes...a new grey kitty!!
To go also to Helena's honor of our (19 years together, 12th Wedding) THAT new kitty's SISTER!! A Calico!! My my!! won't Don be happy to get the gift that keeps on giving!!! (he always says to give a gift you would like to get yourself). So yep...2 new baby kitties in 'da house.

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