Saturday, June 02, 2007

Russia trip moving forward.!

Hi, Everyone;

I wanted to let you know of an opportunity for visiting Ken and Heather in
Kursk, Russia this October. Ken has invited Donna to visit with 1-3 of her co-workers to assist them in their
work with orphans and foster-care. At this time, they anticipate going in
October of this year, but have not yet established a firm date.

Ken and Heather, along with Donna would like to have 2-3 members of GCC
accompany them on the trip. I need to hear back from you as to whether you
would be willing to be part of that team. Although you would be responsible
for paying for the cost of the trip, there may well be some support from our
budget (although I cannot promise that point).

This would be a Godly work and a great encouragement to Ken and Heather. I
anticipate the trip being 10-14 days in length with opportunity to see
first-hand their city, school and work. You will be able to meet the people
with whom they work, share with them and assist in the many projects
currently underway.

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Nuri Banu said...

I would like to visit Ken and Heather in Kursk. I have already selected an agency from Soviet union to travel with my office team.