Thursday, September 18, 2008

Employment searching

Wow. I feel so out of the loop. EVERY job just about has their OWN on line application that you have to fill out to apply. This may seem like an easy task. It's not. EACH one takes at least an hour. Between flipping for dates, times places...its WACK.

I applied for a job that is sort of scary. I used to be in "The Field" which is misnomer for Being in downtown BIG CITY with people who have committed CRIMES. Yah. Guess I"m looking to go back to that. I wrote to the Head Honcho that I know, and got a response right away, so maybe I will get an interview.

The reasons I'm looking are older, I feel Blessed to have been home / worked part time these years. I feel like my younger one will be getting the shaft though. We are not making it!! We ARE...but living beyond paycheck to paycheck.

I understand working with Renters (for the duplex I have) in that they can't come up with say $650 for Security Deposit and Then first months rent at the same time. On the other hand...WHY don't we as Americans have BETTER financial sense?

On Other Hand...Son just got braces to day that is going to cost over $10K. What is up with THAT?. Yikes. I'm all over the place.



Okay, you've mentioned two things that scare me. Applications on line and paying for braces! Yuck.

Penny said...

This is scarey, cause I just put 2 applications on line and took forever then after seeing the dentist last 6 year old is going to have to have braces,eventually....double yuck!!!