Friday, September 19, 2008

car wreck she is in all her splendor at the former owner's house. Before my husband smashed the front end out this summer. He ..was just distracted due to illness and KWAHHHM smashed into a lady. No police were called. Our car much worse off.

TODAY...I have 4 kids with me. I drop one off, go to where the van is getting detailed (PREMONITION MAYBE) say to my husband..ummmmm I"m driving these 2 kids without a Booster seat ---(Law here just changed to EIGHT YEARS OLD (ridiculous) OR 4"9"...Its Crazy!!The Older one was in front seat.
less than a MILE down the road...KAAAAAWHAAAMMM...some bitch slams into me in the volvo. Of course INSIDE the Volvo...No injuries. Now I"m just PISSED. Get out survey the damange...worse on hers than mine...I said do you want to call the cops? She said..NOt if YOU don't want too...I didn't I didn't want the $160 a piece ticket and some dumbass endangering a child or something they may come up with. I got the hell out of dodge.
Weird thing....EXACT same Place My husband ran into someone this summer.
The bumper is smashed in, I have a very sore back...(getting less so with wine)....

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