Friday, September 19, 2008

Car Wreck Deuce

My Dear Friend Denise...has a broken neck. Yes its true. She has walked the earth for years with a broken neck . this came out in "group" a couple years ago. Not in the counseling type group..the "group" of people sorting out the God thing group. They think she did it sledding as a kid
She is one of my fascinating friends.
anyway...She loses out in Michigan due to the economy...moves to North Carolina...New car...Some lady SMASHES it today...with no where for her to go. SMASH. Her neck? she crawled out of the window, yet couldn't go to The ER because it was 149 72 to go to the Emergency room and you have to pay RIGHT THEN.
Oh mmyyyyy Goadddddd don't get me started!!!! She STILL has a broken neck..the car wreck did no further damage at this time.

HOWEVER...her MEDS!! WALMART kept DOUBLING and TRIPLING what the doctor ordered!! It was bad. The Doctor didn't understand why it wasn't having any effect. She got an attorney...IT could have caused a HEART ATTACK!!!!



Okay, not about sueing on a regular basis, but this poor dear needs some help that she DESERVES!

Kareer Woman said...

I agree with Working Mom, wow! This just makes me more infuriated with our gov't with regards to economy and healthcare, etc...things like this should NEVER be allowed to happen! I'm so sorry to hear this.

Verdicts And Settlements said...

The big "Deuce", how many times can they go? I just heard from a friend, Los Angeles car accident lawyer, that there's probably a bunch we don't even know about.