Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Tagged crap

Ness, from http://happinessisabutterfly.blogspot.com/ has frekin tagged me. ME. I don't like taggin. Reminds me of when I worked inner city Parole.
SEVEN random things??? WHAT??? There are no 7 things you don't know
1) I have a russian nesting doll staring at me as I speak.

2. I wear socks to bed.
3. I have cadaver bones in my body...and am GLAD.
4. I trained with world class Seal trainer John Farnum twice.
5. I don't like cantelope...it feels like snot.
6. I need a full time job
7. I need a RENTER (PLEASE PRAY!!!)
and a freebie 8th one:

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Mini Me's Room said...

so who are you tagging?? :0