Monday, September 22, 2008

Face book

The "beauty" of facebook...having people you don't care if you were ever in contact again contacting you....Like...a college date. "OH...Look who you find on the internet" he said...well yah..You can find GODZILLA too if you look hard enough.

NOT that he was Godzilla...I'm just saying. I was fresh off a breakup and thrilled to be back in University..he felt like he was a bad boy dating someone a year and a 1/2 older than him. He was from the big city...I was a "townee". This was me during that time:
We did the big whoopla one New Year's was very pleasant..and one of the very first times ever that My ex fundamental Baptist self drank alcohol. yeah. I remember the bed spinning and things erupting..not so Christian that. has a beautiful child, and has been put in the position of being God Child to a roommates daughter (roommate died). We have been discussing how sometimes when the Hand of God chooses you to do aren't equipped or ready or even WANT to do it.
I just think of that verse, "Hold my right hand and I will say to you, Be Not Afraid".



You know, sometimes it's nice to get reacquainted with people who knew us when we shined.

BOSSY said...

Too funny. Maybe this is why Bossy hides from Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Hey, love the wine on the car, that's great.
I have to admit with facebook, I'm kind of addicted :) BUT, for those annoying ass people, there's always the BLOCK privacy setting :)