Thursday, November 01, 2007

HEADPLAY-Personal Cinema Experience

WOW WOW WOW. Son got his "Headplay"...this is incredible. It is a VISOR aka Star trek stuff, that plays movies, allows gaming RIGHT IN FRONT of your eyes. I can only imagine the next generations getting smaller and smaller. THIS is the "virtual" stuff on star trek to allow them to take escape vacations. It is SOO much better than looking through binoculars. The lenses are individually able to be adjusted. It is an EXPERIENCE. Blogger is not letting me post a picture right now.
At $$ 500++ it really was a gift from God.
He WON it at a gaming event his dad took him too. Thanks to Z-93 Radio!!!
PRODUCT DETAILS : IT is like watching a 52 Inch tv at 6 feet away. WOW. SOO clear,
Your HEADPLAY Personal Cinema System is a portable visual headset and multi-media center delivering a comfortable, immersive, high-resolution, cinematic viewing experience for gaming, movie watching and Internet use.

It is versatile, convenient and gives you the feeling of being in your own private theater. It is also compatible with most media devices.

With content availability, the HEADPLAY Personal Cinema System delivers a breakthrough in personal entertainment enjoyment - next generation stereoscopic 3D gaming and movie viewing.

for those who may dig this stuff:
Features & Specs:
Field of View: 36 degree diagonal
Virtual Image Size: 52" diagonal at 6'
Display Technology LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon)
LCoS Refresh Rate: Up to 120 Hz
Color Depth: 8 bits RGB
Resolution: Supports 1024 x 768 VGA, 800 x 600 VGA, 720 x 480 VGA, and 640 x 480 VGA
Video Output: Progressive Scan 800 x 600 native
Resolution: 360 color fields per second
Video Input: S-Video/Composite
Audio Input: Stereo
Audio Output: Stereo headphone jack
Built-in 3D video playback support
Supports 16 million colors
Automatic PC resolution configure

JPEG Photo

What's in the box:
Personal Cinema System: Liberator, Visor, Navigator
Storage Case
A/C Power Adaptor
Headplay S-Video / Composite AV RCA Adaptor
USB Key with sample content
High Performance Noise Reduction Ear Buds
Visor Lens Cleaning Cloth
Cushioned Visor Inserts
User Manual & Head Start Guide

Note: The battery is optional and not a standard accessory.


acctman said...

my girlfriend bought the headplay pcs for xmas for me... i can't wait to open it up =)

Mini Me's Room said...

You WILL LOVE IT!! We've had it a while now...and just keeps getting better!!!
How do you know she got it for you? Were you peeking???
WHATEVER YOU DO--don't break up with her before Christmas!!!
My son is quite the gamer...and he is the HIT of his crowd when he takes it with him.
We didn't have to pay for it, He won it through a local radio station.
Come back and let me know how you like it!!

klasieprof said...

The Longer we have this HEADPLAY, The Sweeter it Grows!! It is FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

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