Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catch up

Ok...been job searching, interviewing, substitute teaching...all in search of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!

Had a "GREAT" gig last week...(I'm loving the use of too many quotations having been on the blog fo unnecesary quotations marks recently). I, Yes I...your stalwart and never read blog writer, was substitute teaching high schoolers beginning sign language all week. This was done through TECHNOLOGY....TELEVISION. At the Local School Resource building, classrooms can be connected---with each other and the instructor in REAL time. (well One has a 5 second delay). It was fun, scary, and interesting. The former instructor had been "let go" in the middle of the semester, and I filled in while they hired a "real" teacher. I learned a lot.

THEN....Had an interview for a Social Work position in a nursing home north of us. It entails a drive, good not FAB giving up 11 hours of my day/home/child life worth this? Jury is out. Seems like a great organization, which with some of the places I've worked would be nice. Reminds me I'll have to google them.

Friend's dad is in critical condition in North Carolina. She visited last week, and he's gotten much worse. I offered to drive down on Monday, but then couldn't get a FILL IN for ME!!...Some of my commitments I could have gotten rid of, but the kids have Tae Kwon Do tournements in Grand Rapids this weekend that they have worked months for...and we've already paid for. hub would have had to call in sick for 2 days, we have concert tickets for a California Guitar band in Ann Arbor on Sunday, I may have official "2nd" interview for job etc.

Am supposed to take Doug down to Lansing tomorrow to see his son play!! That should be a blast. I love Lansing. May try and talk Don into going--two guitar things in one week.

I am subbing today at the alternative High School. Great bunch of kids..mostly self directed. I love this place, I've taught Love and Logic here before.


Mini Me's Room said...

it sounds like a lot when you put it that way... :)

Anonymous said...

You r very brave to try to teach teens anything these days !! lol I wish you luck .