Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Asperger's, and autism

So , On top of the stupid thing My son did in school 2 weeks ago, (He was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago with Asperger's...so hence he is an "Aspy" kid)....anyway...so we have a "special staffing" yesterday. Mostly to get the special Ed teacher to Get him to use his planner which was supposed to be occurring all Last year and never did. However, I'm becoming more vocal as an advocate. Anyway..for my son's part in "stupid fest" choice at school, he got suspended 3 days. This was something HE did, not TO anyone else.
So yesterday..he got "pants". I was told about it like some casual thing. What it actually is, another kid PULLED his pants down. HELLO. Isn't this BULLYING? In my former Parole/Probation Job, this was ASSAULT. So..after talking to son's dad this morning, I have to call the principal, discuss event again. And see how many days this OTHER kid got suspended for for his ASSAULTIVE behavior. If this had occurred outside the school setting, Police would be involved. Ugh. Not looking forward to this.

Some think about extending Grace to offender's. I don't. I've seen too many offenders get away with a behavior, and all they think about is...COOL I got away with it. It encourages them to be more sneaky, so they don't get caught. If there are no consequences, it empowers them to do it more often.


Jenny from Chicago said...

It happens everywhere but it's more frustrating when you are dealing with so much already. Good Luck getting satisfaction.

Maria said...

I'm on your side with this one. I have a couple of friends with autistic children (one with Asberger's) and it's hard enough without all of that crap. Good for you for standing up and voicing your concerns. Keep us posted!