Friday, November 30, 2007

New Section: Parole/Probation stories

Inspired by comments at PUNTABULOUS ( )
talking about his eruption...I have been inspired to begin sharing stories of my sentence while a Parole/Probation Agent.

GET READY.... can anyone say..."VINES PLEASE"......and so much more!

My Response on Punt's site:

Oh you whining punk ass bitch. (smiles). Just TRY and get mammoth Craters EVERY MONTH….for 2 weeks before a flowing magma event, and during the week of the LAVA flow, and then complain again about a little tiny section of thy nose turning PINK not red.
You want red? I’ll show you red!…Where the “popping” surface is greater than the size of your
projecting spout you call a nose!
Where the pussy fluid fills itself over and over again because of hormone changes!
yes..get out your violin baby….

(I just HAVE to add this here. I’ve never been able to put it anywhere out of tenderness toward a reading audience. I was formerly a Parole/Probation Agent for adults. One “son” …said his MOM…used to make him lie he got BACK ZITS very badly…and..
oh…I don’t think I can do this…..

OK..its your blog…I think I can…

AND SHE WOULD BITE THEM to pop them!….

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MP said...

OH yeah...I'm over here cause you fricking cracked me up..well that mixed with a little bit of throw up in my mouth. OMG...I'm still cracking up..I'll be visiting this morning! Hi I'm MP!..I found HIS site through Bossy..