Sunday, November 25, 2007

Things and Thanks

*For a turkey
*For 50 pounds of Potatos
*For being rejected from a really good job that was very far away that I would have accepted if it had been offered to me
*For Not being in the hospital for almost 5 months
*For medicine
*For having a breathing machine for daughter so she can not get full blown pneumonia every 6 weeks
*For My chickens, (3) that make me laugh every day
*For cable tv
*For alone time
*For my kids, and family
*For Tae Kwon Do family
*Dance Family
*Church family....although its like family in divorce a lot of the time
*Being able to Walk as well as I do after my wreck
*For having one other female that asks for and takes my advice
*For having a couple females I can ask for advice
*My Mom being alive
*A vehicle that starts and drives
*Funny Funny kids
*for one kid getting invited to be WHO's WHO
*for soo much

My Daughter can SEE!!

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Anonymous said...

Your daughter is a very lovely young lady.