Monday, November 19, 2007

World Class Tournement-Nov 2007

The tournament took place at Grand Rapids Community College, on Nov. 17th.
High Blue Shelly, High Blue Helena, Low blue William, Red belt Brice, and Yellow green Joy and their mom headed down the day before the event. This portion of the trip was sponsored by our Mentor Cathy. Thanks to Cathy, Helena, William and Joy were given their equipment. Helena is HAPPY to have a helmet that fits her properly!!

Shelly and Helena tested for Red belt. Shelly got a silver for sparring and _____ for form.
Helena got a Silver for Form and Bronze for Sparring.
William got a bronze for both Form and sparring
Joy got two silver--form and One step
Brice got ______ form, and ______ sparring.
JR and Anne came down with their parents, as did other classmates from Mid Michigan.
We met competitors from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky. It was amazing!
The hotel for the tournaments was the DAYS INN 310 Pearl Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504.
The hotel was very nice, rooms were clean, and the hot tub and pool area were well used!! The kids had a blast throwing small foam balls back and forth.
Friday night we ate in the hotel lounge, with appetizers being 1/2 price until 7:00. Brice's brother Evan, and Evan's gf Ellen came down to support us!!
We had Connected rooms.
William Brought his Headplay gaming system--which consists of a visor like screen, allows for individual play as tho you are viewing a 7 ft screen from 5 feet away.

Saturday we had breakfast across the street at Burger King. It was fast convenient..and..their bathrooms were broken and were letting out a HORRIFYING smell from broken sewer lines. On our way worker LOST IT....aka THREW UP RIGHT in the KITCHEN@@!! Yikes!!
We had a difficult time getting to the Community COllege as the SANTA PARADE was taking place.
I helped at the table selling shirts, patches etc. Master G designed a t shirt specifically for the tournament. Poppy, a black belts mom was working also.

Required tournament sparring equipment: Trunk pad, Head pad, Groin guard (male), Hand / Forearm pads, Shin / Instep pads, and Mouth safety equipment.
I was frustrated as a mom, as the girl that was sparring with Helena did NOT have ANY equipment on, as she entered the ring. Helena was prepped and ready, THEN had to wait as they peeled equipment off of another competitor and put it on. Helena was very strong.

Overall I was SOO impressed with the professionalism and fair play of competitors!! I am SO happy my kids have a chance to learn from Mrs. Paula Robison, Her son Brian, and Mr and Mrs G. WOW. Paula kicked butt in her fight, taking a gold!

Saturday, Don came down and we ate at SAN CHEZ. WOW. it was great--garlic almonds, fabulous food! Voted GR's # 1 restaurant. Sunday, the entire P clan, and us went to a COOL GRILL, just down from the hotel. There was a HUGE real wall safe. Pictures were taken will post when I get them.

Great Job everyone!! Then Don and I headed across the State to Ann Arbor for the Guitar quartet. It was fabulous!!

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