Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mackinaw Bridge Walk 2007

What a Wonderful couple of days!! Helena really wanted to go see MYSTERY SPOT, and walk the bridge etc, so Sunday morning she got up and started researching about "getting a room". Right. On Labor Day weekend, with the 50th anniversary of the Bridge walk. Well She didn't find one, but was I was able to with my savvy detection skills!! We got a "Sweet suite" in St. Ignace. In Piled all the kids, plus Ty. We had four others supposed to go--then When I got to next location...delays. So, Picked up one, the other 3 were going fishing or something, and I wasn't going to wait for hours for them..then they were going to come up later. Kewl!
We hit the road about 12:30, sunny and bright. Got up to Mackinaw City about 3:30, had a picnic, walked around town, bought some fudge, then headed to hotel.
GREAT ROOM!! Had TONS of space!! A Bed, pull out bed, fold down bed, recliner that made into bed, Ty had brought his bed, and William slept on cushions so we all had our own space. With the microwave,--hot dogs, sausage, cheese and crackers, wine, we ate in the room with food I brought in the cooler...saving $$$,(and time) then headed to the MYSTERY SPOT.
IT was hokey, and great, and the kids loved it. Will post photos later when I get them.
The Bridge walk was PACKED. Joy made it across all by herself this year!! Last year, Buddy Jerry G. carried her most of the way! It was SUNNY and warm, and Beautiful.
We got done, got some ice cream --Dippin Dots and caught the bus back to get the vehicle in St. Ignace. They only had 99 buses for all of the crowd. I had to be savvy and cut in line...they had over 30 buses not show up. We all stayed together tho...no getting separated with thousands of people there. We Picnicked at the car, hung out at the beach.
On the way back to our vehicle, we saw the cops working on a dark van. Someone ..I can't believe it..had YES...left their DOG in their van, yes it had food and water but it was 80 degrees!! They were reaming on the van, and messin it up good. We left before the rescue was completed. I ended up jumping another van that couldn't get started--I love my jumper cables!!
Great trip back! Minor traffic jam north of Clare.
Kids started School today.
Middle Mark Is back at work on the shed doors, and finished the shelves in the breezeway.

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