Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Good Morning Mrs. Teacher" said the students..

to the TEACHER.!!!!
Had my first "SUB" gig today. LOL. WOW. What a contrast...KINDERS to The Adult students I"m used to teaching.
Nasally John, to anyone that passed by him, "It's My MOMS BIRTHDAY to day and SHE IS FORTY"!!!
Girl: "We have a pet mouse that used to live in the Attic! WE caught him in a live trap and his name is Squeak". Same girl has a lot of health issues, and "my dad is studying to be a nurse. He's a LEEPIN (Lpn) Now but he's gonna be a EARNIN nurse." (RN). IS that perfect or what?
SAW: out by the playground, is a Ball backdrop, and 2nd recess--SAW A VERY BIG DEER out there. When pointed out to the students...there was the second moment of silence for the day.
9-11----Unexpected voice from loudspeaker for moment of silence for victims of 9-11. "How is being quiet going to help the dead people?". ...young boy


Mini Me's Room said...

ahemmmm... it was a moment of quite to remember... not necessarily to HELP them... but to REMEMBER them!!!

Think about it!!!

Mini Me's Room said...

I'm referring to "them" as the dead