Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Do You believe me?

So...with all this "do gooder" reading I've been doing, prayer, meditation still begs the question..."Do I fully trust?". Can God do what He says He will, and Can I rest and trust in that?
Yesterday's reading was about the 3 blind men..coming to where Jesus was, and being asked..."Do you BELIEVE I can heal you?"...they said Yes, HE said.."Be it unto you ACCORDING to your Belief".
Well..I've been trying to walk FULLY seeing. EYES WIDE OPEN. Can I believe?

Yesterday, had some fairly devastating news regarding Middle child's teeth/jaw. Major problems, will need surgery eventually, and of course bottom dollars..--over $4000 plus implants at $5000 a piece. She is missing SEVEN teeth total, Ortho thinks he can close the gap so she may only need two implants. CAN I TRUST? Yes, Lord, I can trust.

Over $200 came in mail yesterday from an unexpected Insurance payment.

Today, We got a dreaded letter from MICHIGAN TAX in Lansing. My "hiney" did a cringe as my blog friend Ree would say. I call the number...They have Missing money of the tune of over $500. HOW COOL IS THAT?

"Money flows to me freely, Money comes in the mail". Help Lord my unbelief.

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Mini Me's Room said...

7 teeth!?!?!?!??????!!!!!!!!!!!

not just 4???

oh my, this is way worse than i though!!!