Friday, August 31, 2007

Honey Do List Man

My Friend Mark's Son Mark (who has a 3 yr old named Mark), is up from the Carolina's to visit with his son. He was looking for work while he was here.
Well..My house has been neglected for a long time, and so I am doing some trades with him.
I"m SOO excited at the work that is being done.
The large Bathroom door that was kicked in several years ago when child got locked in--door frame fixed with new knob.
Large Bathroom Florescent units replaced with bulbs that work,
Hanging bar over washer/dryer for clothes,
Door knob on slider to small bathroom,
NEW front door Knob/lock set
New door knob on girls door...What is it with all these knobs???....but the girls handle keeps falling off..the front door--a $1300 door a couple years ago came with no hardware and it has sucked ever since, bathroom handle was destroyed trying to pound on it to get kid out of bathroom...AND
New door knob on the Newer Shed--it didn't shut or lock so sort of hung a little open. Was VERY difficult to buy knob....had to have an EXTENDED post to latch properly..took several tries.
Going out the family room to the Garage, in the breezeway..the light fixture burned out a long time ago. Replaced it with a double circle florescent bulb is GREAT.
On the same breezeway on the right..was enough space I've always wanted shelves in there going vertically...SOOO Much wasted space there!! That project is almost done. Ran out of wood. but most of the shelves are up. Then..Large kitchen items needed but not IN the Kitchen can be stored there for easy reach. KEWL!! AND the light to see by!
Also the soffits on the underside of garage peak got replaced..they were blown out by a storm. Some of The Faciet also is getting replaced that was ripped off during storm. We were a couple of feet short of the new soffit stuff we bought when I remembered picking up some of the "old" stuff out of the lawn. We were able to FIND it in the garage!! So don't have to make a trip for just that.

There was some misunderstanding on the OLD shed--the doors opened OUT...virtually impossible in Michigan's snow...but only one set of doors needed replaced. They have been off the hinges for several years. HONEY DO thought the 'fixing" had to be of both a 16' slider unit (back and forth as opposed to open and shut)was the ticket. WHICH...if BOTH door units had needed would have worked. However, just the SOUTH set of doors needs I don't know what will be done.
Returns are inevitable I guess.
On top of all of this is the taking care of the workers. Girls are doing FABULOUS job with his 3 year old son. Hub has had the last 2 days off work, mowed the lawn and did chores a lot of which is easier when someone else is working along side you.
I have been busy, scraping the Garage door trim that I will paint. for food and cooking it to feed the motley crew. Of course..Helena and Don do a lot of that. We've made, Salsa, Potato salad, spaghetti, potato/sausage Alfredo, homemade brownies, garlic bread, hot dogs, sloppy joes whew. NO wonder I"m tired.
On top of all the RASH..The Unrelenting scabbing, itching, horrifying mess that is my skin.

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