Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grateful home improvements part deux

Mark My maintainance guy for one more day...kept doing projects yesterday.!! I"m so Blessed and happy!
He painted the garage door trim in 3 places. This had been power washed last year, and I scraped it last week.
He put 2 lights in new shed-One a Halogen light fixture above Hub's dad's work bench. He put electrical plugs in new shed from the old shed. This saved tons, as we didn't have to run FEET AND FEET of conduit/wire etc from the House to the new shed. He was able to "split" off and reroute some of it. His dad had the extra wire so that worked out GREAT. He Ran the wire through PVC pipe between the two units so its protected.
By adding the two light units, it makes the shed a lot more inviting. One works by the new wall switch, the halogen is on a pull string-it will use a lot more power.

In "the breezeway" room...aka Aunt Barb's room, He installed 2 plugs up on ceiling, and added a florescent light unit I had gotten at garage sale for 1.50. It makes ENORMOUS difference! We can now read album covers etc. He also fixed the shelf unit that was above the door that was Sagging down for years. Now if we need too, a dehumidifier can be run in that room.
The LARGE overhead ceiling grate that fell out of the hallway months ago, almost striking Little Joy on the head has been screwed back into place!

Ty came over and I hired him to start work in the garage. Ty is an amazing organizer. He moved several doors from the garage to the Shed. We are trying to get a Large enough work space to have in Garage to actually be able to WORK, instead of filled with stuff.
Shelly came over for Lunch. I had made a turkey dinner on First day of School, so we had leftovers. Turkey, Dressing, mashed tatos and gravy.
For Dinner last night for all eight of us, (us + Mark + "little man" Mark) then later Big Mark, I made Taco salad. We were going to have watermelon but didn't get around to it.
It is a lot of work getting work done!

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