Friday, August 17, 2007

Essential Kitchen

Ok..a Buddy Sent me a list and asked what I thought was ESSENTIAL Kitchen items.

What's on yours?

They listed, Pam Spray, a steamer, blender, food processor, Spice rack (makes my skin crawl thinking how old spice rack spices would be), and measuring cups, and an empty "spritzer" bottle.

I agreed with No Stick spray. I agreed with Measuring Cups (we have several sets).

Steamer:NO-- have one..pain in the butt...use a pan with a little water in it.
Blender:"essential?" have one in garage, break out rarely for Marqarita's
Food Processor: I usually chop by hand, but for making homemade mayonnaise, gotta have it--so yes.
Spritzer bottle: no way. Ick. Can imagine trying to clean it after putting stuff in it. NO way.
Essential: Big roll of saran wrap from Gordon's. Gotta have it.
Essential: really like my wooden spoons, and Rubber Spoonula's from Gordons.
Essential: Coffee maker of some sort be it a French press, Mr Coffee or SOMETHING.



ness said...

coffee maker is numero uno.

rubber scrapers..don't know why I like em so much, but I do.

glass measuring batter bowl

one good knife, mine is by Cutco.

my retro's 40 years old and kicks hiney....but not so much bagels.

i (heart) my crockpot.

oh, yeah, and your husband.


just saw brother off...what is that feeling...oh yeah...wings clipped....sigh.

courtney said...

agree on coffee maker but my kitchen has to have a flexible cutting board, a good chef's knife, a micro grater, glass nesting bowls and my kitchen aid mixer (chrome, artisan series)...gas oven and a heat-proof spatula....this is actually getting hard for me since I'm a chef....I need it ALL!!!!

klasieprof said...

Wire Whip
cutting board
Great knife


stock pot

Anonymous said...

Good sharp knives, garlic press, good steak and a bottle of Willow!

Oh yea..........and any one of my siblings doing the cooking since they got the "Chef Pierre" genes and I got the "wow, nice no-bakes" genes!