Thursday, August 02, 2007

JOY ism Dead Ferret

I just spent a while on a great "fresh" dinner. We went to Farmer's market today in Mt Pleasant, so dinner tonight was corn on the cob, fresh tomato sandwiches with 2 kinds of lettuce on JalapeƱo bread, Made my first Fruit Bowl out of Watermelon, with peaches, grapes and strawberries.
THEN...everyone was done, and my fingernails were I got out the fingernail polish remover. I called Joy to computer to used web cam to take her picture as I still haven't learned how to transfer pic's from camera...
She came through the kitchen
and said....
"What stinks in the kitchen so badly??? It Smells like DEAD FERRET."

WHAT? Just exactly WHAT does a Dead Ferret smell like? and how would SHE know??? Gone are the days of Homeschooling where I knew WHAT they knew and where they learned it!! LOL!!

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