Friday, January 30, 2009

Slightly Overwhelmed

Is "slightly" overwhelmed is possible? no.

School Board huge issues...Huge decision for my family for the future. Nothing is easy. Nothing is cheap.

My daughter Joy...going through huge developmental issues with her.

I guess ISSUES and OVERWHELMED are my words of the day.

I'm having RENTER issues. Oh. There's that word again. Involved in a fix it that "fix it" implies small. This is not small. Every detail makes the project bigger. and BIGGER. How bout HUGE. Yes..this is HUGE. I'm not DOING the work, I'm responsible for it, dealing with an idiot mother of the renter, several handicapped individuals living in it...blocking the main living entrance.

This was the start of a new semester for me this week, teaching 4 classes that I have not taught before. I had a melt down panic attack before class the other was issue to say the least...>Fake it till you make it.

Please tell it WRONG that my most prized possession right now are my 4 dollar pair of plastic sungoggles I use in the tanner????

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ness said...

Honey, I'm sorry this is falling on your shoulders. I know it's a lot and I so wish there was some way I could take it off your hands. But alas, I have been flattened too.

what is God up to, I wonder?