Saturday, January 24, 2009

People to People Australia

Of the say 8,000 fund needed to send Helena to Australia with People to People...we have 1400 so far. Send date is JULY 1.Student Ambassadors
Traveling to the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and many other destinations, People to People Student Ambassador Programs offer students in grades 5-12 life-changing educational travel opportunities that foster friendship, build the foundation for personal success, and offer unique access to people, places, and activities. Program delegations are built around local communities, so students make friends locally before they travel globally.People to People Moments
People to People Moments

* Be a welcomed guest for a two-night stay with an Australian family eager to meet you.
* Submerge and converge at the Great Barrier Reef in company with your delegation’s own marine biologist to assist your exploration.
* Tackle adventure full force with outdoor athletic challenge courses and teambuilding activities.
* Participate in a significant, localized service project in cooperation with the hosting community.

Enhance Your Education
Enhance Your Education
Ambassadors on this program will earn special insights into:

* Marine biology and its application to Australia’s sea life
* History of Australia’s first settlements
* Zoology, geology, and botany
* World Heritage sites
* Geography and the anomalies of this region
* Australia’s multiculturalism

Top Program Activities
Top Program Activities

* Spend some quality time with another flightless Australian bird—the Little Penguin!
* Wii takes a backseat to SPORTEX, an interactive sport exhibit that has you vie against elite and world champion athletes.
* Appreciate nature, nose to nose, with koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies. Crocodiles are enjoyed from a greater distance!

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