Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Eve

We traveled quite a bit during Christmas, but didn't start out MEANING too. First after the HORRID weather in Michigan, started out getting plowed out at least 7 times at 20$$ or more each time.
We went to Lansing to see our friends who were traveling from Arkansas, to Chicago and like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story (anyone remember him?) to ..BEYOND!!!

This is Ness. She of the FAMOUS Blog. More important than THAT She is my friend.

I met Vanessa and Robb when I switched churches from a Pastor that was manipulative, and abusive all in the name of God. Yah. I will SOO stop there. Anyway, Robb, the first time I met him, I was volunteering at their Church for the Community, as they were doing the Daycare for anyone working on building our local Playscape at the park. (pictures are here are real cool )

Robb asked me, after finding out that I was then a Foster/Adoptive Recruiter how much money it cost to adopt, as he and his wife (Vanessa) were THINKING about it..but didn't have a ton of money. HA HA!! That was all the IN I needed. I was working with a nut job State Employee who at been demoted at the time, but anyway...we got them approved for foster care and ...later adoption. It was a GOD thing, and I don't say that very often.

I Love this kid!! I burst out crying when I saw all of their kids!! Crying. Me. Emotional. In a public place!! Who'd believe it?

Every time I look at this kid..I know I did something right in my life.

And,,this is One of My kids, we killed some time touring the local Krispy Kreme Factory. it was COOL.


ness said...

it was like a dream getting to see you guys...

a dream where your kids are freakishly taller and more grown up!

Yeah, you done good, my friend.

Sara said...

i'm going to cry just looking at the pics...maybe it's my pregancy hormones or maybe its just because i love them all so much