Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The times..they are a changing;;;

Seems like everywhere the last 2 days have been about changes changes changes. I wrote an entry..then deleted it.
Do you ever feel like SOMETHING is JUST ABOUT to HAPPEN??? BIG..and NOT. Little. That's where I am at.
Yes..I have HUGE job interview Thurs. Thats's not it
Yes...Kids have HUGE TKD tourn this weekend..thats not it
yes...I've been talking to someone about God stuff in depth..but that's not it

I feel more centered..more "wired" ...more alert..and yet..I'm still exhausted all the time. A Month or more ago..I felt I was standing on the edge of a Deep crevice Staring down into the Black rumbling abyss.

I found this recently..
"On Saturday, Venus entered Sagittarius and stimulating
our adventurous impulse to embrace the unknown
we may find ourselves during the next four weeks
standing at the precipice of humanity’s consciousness
as the goddess of love waits ever so sweetly to push us into the
darkened abyss."
Well reader...I have been there recently. Standing staring down into the abyss. and Screw that I dont want to go back. AT. ALL.
Movin on....the times...are a changing...

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