Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Money Post


See that link to BOSSY's blog over there? It is inspiring me to get moving on money issues.
Todays link is to Budget stretcher that I have read for YEARS.

Budget Stretcher is a one man operation home based in the hills of Southeast Missouri. It was started in January 2000 as a means of helping anybody that needed help with their financial problems. After searching the web for several months I realized that most budget systems offered were complicated and didn't offer the budget forms necessary to setup and maintain a budget.
Part of what I have found...is that I have to TAKE CARE OF WHAT I HAVE. That is a HUGE deal with not spending MORE money. I have bought stuff I already have, because (blushing) I couldn't find it when I needed it? Please...tell me SOMEONE else has also done this so I don't die of embarrassment and shame.

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ness said...

i have absolutely done this. Recently.

good call on just taking care of the stuff we have. I can't tell you how many big things we have spent on, only to break or wreck them quickly by just being lazy. It is typically a little sick that I am enjoying the economic crunch a little bit, because I'm more ready and reminded to just make do with what I have.