Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kitchen aid

Ok..I have to tell you...I visited a KITCHENAID store in Greenville Ohio. Several weeks ago we watched how they REFURBISH their stuff on History channel or something like that. ANYWAY...the Annie Oakley Festival was IN this town...and My hand mixer broke several months ago..and only had one beater. yes. Sucked. Big Time. The NEW one Comes with DOUGH hooks, and Drink stirrerrrer thingy AND a Whisk!!
SO..there was a SALE...BIG time..and well our food processor was from like 1979 or something..a Nasty Hamilton beach number. The NEW one has a smaller Inner Bowl and larger Outer bowl!
SALE..BIG TIME!!!....and Well I caved. I got FREE HEAVY duty Measureing Spoons AND a FREE KA spatula!


Kareer Woman said...

Awesome, I love kitchen stores, little gadgets, and I don't even cook! LOL

mysecondjournal said...

I didn't know they HAD a store.. How could you resist, really?