Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grade school fashion?

THEcountrydoctorswife.blogspot.com asked about Grade school fashion DAZATARS. Here's one of mine I remember:

WEll....at church we had this program for memorizing stuff, called "AWANA". There was a portion of the night devoted to Games. and..the uniforms were god awful Grey with red piping, and I somehow didn't think I quite...um.."filled" mine out nicely enough. SO I wadded up toilet paper and tucked it in. THEN when I bent over knuckles to the floor as a runner at the starting line does...prepped to RUN when the fake gun went off...and I was CONCENTRATING, when...I LOOKED down at the floor, and saw my enhancement on the floor in front of me. AWWCKK!!! Concentration was broken, I grabbed it..blew my nose and tucked it in my jeans. I don't remember how I got the other side out. To this day, I'm still lopsided.
THIS: is MY kids at AWANA with the ole' marshmallow STICK em tothe board game. HOW did the marshmallow STICK? well..You SPIT on them of course!



Oh dear me. I had an Awana shirt too! We had it on Wednesday nites, and everyone at my parochial school would wear it to school that day. Oh brother, the memories that you dug up.

Kareer Woman said...

OMG, I'm with Working Mom, since she and I went to the same school, I now have the same memories dug up, oh lovely . . . lol