Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm back, did you know I was gone?

I flew to HOTLANTA last Friday morning...I went to Flint after my Thursday night class, My flight was at 5:30 a.m....which is in the EARLY morning hours. Yeah. THAT. I stayed Thursday night in a really nice sleazy hotel that made me happy I had a home. Yes, it was a DAYS INN, but scary as all get out....even as a grown woman I appreciate the feeling of..well A SECURE LOCK on the door.
My sisterish is here, Robyn with her kids Grace and Ty. My middle had flown down a week prior, and had a blast. She "wasn't quite ready to see me". How funny. I got picked up at airport, and we just headed straight up 75 to Michigan. OHIO has the COOLEST thing EVAR!! It is a FLIP chart of EVERY EXIT of their highways, which lists hotels, Places to eat, stuff to do etc. It is GREAT.
We detoured to Greenville Ohio to the ANNIE OAKLEY Annie Oakley
Days Festival
Darke Country Fairgrounds
Last Full Weekend of July
July 25, 26, 27,2008
It was delightfully cheesy, and VERY hot. Rob and kids ate Elephant ears, and other sloppy food. There were appropriate Food booths, and tons of Tents of crap for sale.

More later...Exam week this last week of Summer classes...I'm NOT the teacher this time. Bleh

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ness said...

That looks wicked fun!

I missed you. : )