Wednesday, June 25, 2008

zombies, boobs and other summer thoughts

So..its now summer...and I am in classes 2 full days a week...when I say full...I mean...over 2 hours in the car, classes from 3-10, and hours before meeting for "study" groups. I must be up front...I know I know...I generally have such an ability to BEAT AROUND THE BUSH....NOOOT!!...but...It REALLY sucks.
What also sucks:...thinking I was going to have one more FULL paycheck...and NOOOTTT!!!
For a Funeral dinner today I made two salads. One was piled high with goodies...spring lettuce, dried cranberries, green onions, radishes, avocados, nuts, dried bananas, raspberry dressing, carrots slivers, almonds, mandarin oranges and sauteed garlic.
So now I'm on the job hunt...but first..trying to gut out my house.
A very good creative moral stalwart friend Sra came over today and began to help me with the process of gutting out my house. This has been a long term process. She may have a buyer for my 1904 upright grand piano....I don't really want to SELL it, but I DO need the money, and the space it takes up. I have to LET THINGS GO. She is like my friend Robyn..who can just JUMP in and do things. I was embarrassed to ask for help. My a wreck. It has too much clutter, too much stuff, and each room has too many purposes. She came in...and just started. Why is it SOO much easier to work and do stuff when a friend is helping you? I got the dryer top cleared off ( It had 2 shrurkened Wool sweaters, a computer monitor, several outfits..socks, junk on it), SRA got the computer area cleaned off...Don's desk area straighten, we were able to take down the cardboard table that was up and piled with stuff from work, Got 2 shelves dedicated to my work/school stuff, girls room --they continued to work on that, Son got his bedroom almost done....8 bags of trash, 4 bags of clothes GONE.
I should post this on for stuff thrown out.
I made a decision. I had this weird SKULL ashtray some renter had left, and I thought I had to keep it. It's bugged me ever since. OUT IT WENT. Gone. Unless I go out and dig through all the bags...STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!! awwckk.
Then..tonight Shelly came over and we sorted thorough about 12 totes full of clothes etc...that her dying friend (she has terminal cancer) gave her. I got 2 bags of clothes for my friend Robyn when she comes, girls each got some clothes, son got 2 pair of jeans, and everybody got jammies. ALSO..were Boob holders...LOTS of Victoria secret bras...almost new. However NOT MY SIZE...I may hav to try and get 'extenders' for the straps and wear them anyway!
Its summer so BEWARE of Zombies...some have been spotted near my home!


ness said...

I am plowing through piles too....It seems like I just did this, but I have a laundry basket full of stuff that was just stuck in corners....

I wish I could ebay it for ya honey

Anonymous said...

I'm going to blog about it later today..but we have to get the basement cleaned out since the plumbers are going to have to replace the fucking stack (excuse my language).. Sometimes you just have to throw away. It's an illness you know. My mother has it too.

Mini Me's Room said...

Yeah really nice cloths

ccw said...

I have the attic and laundry room and some closets filled with things I will never use but can't get rid of.

My husband's parents keep EVERYTHING and their house is large. I dread the day when he has to help his siblings sort things. I am sure it will be hell, in more way than one, for them all.