Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adoption/ Foster Care

So within the last 3 days I have once again been put in the Foster Care/Adopt field. I am professionally out of that now, but my desire in that area I think is God given.

Fostering to adopt is wonderful. A family gets to have the child in their home at first, with no promise the child will be staying. (usually nobody knows at this point). THEN....the child stays for weeks/months...each "trying on" the other. Parents are exasperated, Children are adaptable--missing their parents, yet relieved they are being taken care of.
Then comes the day....the parents parental rights have been terminated, and the decision on where the child is to be placed comes up. In only ONE case, in my years of working with Foster Families did the Foster family NOT be able to adopt the child that became theirs in their hearts. Each foster family would reply with "You are NOT taking MY CHILD to anyone else.". The one family that DID let someone else "take" their foster child worked diligently with the new parents for a smooth transition, and they felt THEIR calling was to get the screwed up kids, and help straighten them out, so the adoptive parents would have an easier time with it. They were amazing.

More on this later...I'm done for the day...wish I had something to snack on and drink but this old mother Hubbard's cupboards are BARE.
FAITH= Family's
Him. Families are important to God...Create your own! ADOPT!


Suzanne said...

Wow. It takes special people to give so freely and heal those who need it most, all with the possibility that the child may not live with them forever.

LK said...

Great Job you do for those kids there.

Liz said...

I stumbled onto your blog today from I cant remember where, but read this post with great interest. I love the idea of fostering, but I keep praying for wisdom. Thanks for your uplifting often I only hear the negative.

Cas said...

Ness's Friend -

thanks for your kind comments about my boys...I think they are pretty cute myself!

As for adopting a foster child. I know there have been many wonderful things to come from it, but in our case it's just not an option. My husbands family lost a baby they were trying to adopt after fostering him for 2 years. Only weeks before they finished the adoption, daddy came foward and took him. It was like a death for his family. They did adopt 3 sisters (20 years ago). The hell those girls brought on thier family still burns to this day. I know sometimes it works out, but for my husband, the dark side is just to black.



I'm glad that you can do this. It would be very difficult for me. I have worked around Children and Youth Services in PA, and the end results were not always positive. Many times the children were placed back with unfit parents.

You are a strong person.

Kareer Woman said...

Wow, good for you, it truly takes a special kind of person to do this with a tremendous amount of strength.

Kathy said...

I too, want to thank you for all you do for the children. Yes it is difficult being a foster parent, even more so being the grandmother to the children. There is much garbarge no matter what kind of foster parent you are. The rewards, however are so great! I am thankful I am involved in my children's children!