Sunday, June 22, 2008

Everybody's home

What a nice thing that is!! I was able to take advantage of a free overnight seminar with my 14 year old son that was fully sponsored (read: FREE). It was at the Retreat center where the girls were on the other side of the camp. It was for teens, their parents, youth pastors and other interested adults on "good decision making skills" and also covered "Love Languages", "Purity", and STD's. This was a leadership type seminar for youth.
It was very good. Sponsored by the "YES" (Youth Excited Sound decision making) coalition of Midland County, they got a Grant to cover the cost of lodging, food etc. Their mission is to promote abstinence from risky behavior to youth and facilitate meaningful connections between them and their parents or other supportive adults.
I also took my gf's son up. There was a Youth Group there working clearing brush etc, so the boys (one more from our group) were able to hang out with them until 2 or so in the morning.
I got to be refreshed, get some new ideas, and listen. I need ways to interact with my kid to keep communication open. It was good.

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Jozet at Halushki said...

That sounds like a wonderful retreat. My oldest daughter is just nine, but already I can feel those pre-teen separation happening; those "you just don't understand me" moments. I need to learn new ways to keep channels open.