Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Craziness is my life

School board meeting last Monday. I feel I added a lot to it...but parents are mad about the changes....that SOME HAVE to be MADE!! I Dreaded it....knowing the decisions we make are going to be changing lives. HUGELY changing lives. Every day the papers carry stories of schools and the horrifying cuts they have to make, people getting fired, schools closing, its crazy and sad. NO MONEY means NO SERVICES. We can't run on air!

Tuesday....Talent Show at the kids school. "Talent" in quotation marks if ya know what I mean....TRIED to talk my 11 year old from singing....AWWCK...and ddamned if she and her GF didn't get 2nd place. they were the only ones REALLY SINGING, not "lip synching". She also did Tae Kwon Do kicks and forms with other team mates.

Thursday was my son's IEP. He is an ASPERGER's kid. Mild, yes, but still. The Special Ed teacher comes in WITH MY SON. My son and I had discussed at home wether he wanted to be there or not...He did NOT want to be there. An Asperger kid answers VERY LITERALLY ok..>For example...Spec ed teacher says...:"Where do you see yourself living in 5 years"....Son say, " DOOOOH< ON EARTH"...which for an Asperger kids is PERFECTLY in keeping with the way they think. SHE got ticked off. These kids CANNOT answer in front of a bunch of people either!! They should have been asked PRIVATLEY outside of a group of people.!! GET A CLUE!!
My co worker has been hospitalized...I'm picking up her classes....its crazy...I'm freaking,,,,,yet trying to be organized and together. Its tough.

Yesterday....hub's birthday, Parade for veterans, Movie..>INDIANA JONES GO NOW it was GREAT!!!

My daughter got her jaw dislocated we think...today...she got her braces and outside head gear. I'm overwhelmed.




Let me handle the IEP. What a moron teacher. To be honest, many people have yet to learn anything about Aspberger's, and if they are in their classes, that is just plain stupid.

Kathy said...

Ya know, I think working mom said it all! LOL. Arn't they suposed to be trained BEFORE they work with the children?

Mini Me's Room said...

this thing is soooooooo annoying!!!!! Oh and, if I wear it to school I'm only going to need to wear it for 6-8 months.

If I don't wear it to school it will be about 15-17 months!!! Drastic change,huh?