Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time, slips through our fingers, Firstborn

The first picture is RECENT with his Z-93 Radio Jockey Friends, Lynn and HOser!!!

The Second was Author Jonathon Rand of Michigan Fame, and William of his green hair fame. William 's picture for months was up on Jonathan Rands Website.

WEdding of a "cousin' June 2006, put together basically in less than a week. Food was great, the DJ was Great...the mosquitos..yah..not so much. Beautiful bride tho!!!

Current status of COOOOOOL DUDDDDDDE

and YESSSSS THE VERY FAMOUS JACK HANNAH we Saw in person just INCHES away from us. He placed a VERY LARGE Egg laying HIssing cockroach on sseveral screaming females for effect. Very good show, and as I reacall, I think it was FREE.@@@@!!!!


MP said...

Great pics!!

OK.. question, in that one picture is that Jack Hanna?


Are you trying to make me cry? They grow up too fast. ALl of them, whether they are mine or yours or whoevers.

Mini Me's Room said...

I enjoyed that show.He makes me laugh... Jack and Will

Mini Me's Room said...

oh yeah... Jack Hannah said he could put an elephant on the stage! But...then he NEVER did.At the age of about 4 I was DISAPPOINTED!!!

ccw said...

I really enjoyed the pictures. It kills me how quickly the time passes.