Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the news

I think I may add this as a regular feature, and claim it all happens to ME. YEs.I think I will.
Today for your enjoyment:

# 1 MICHIGAN woman mistook naked thief for husband Reuters - Mon May 12, 8:39 PM ET

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A Malaysian Err...MICHIGAN woman woke up to a real-life nightmare, discovering that the naked man who had slipped into her bed in the middle of the night was a thief, not her husband, a newspaper said on Tuesday. After several invigorating hours with the Err THIEF...She realized it was NOT her husband, and said..UM>..YOu better get the heck out of here...OH "By the way...He'll be gone next Tuesday".....


Krisscop wins, now what? Here's My winners photo from Winning the state of NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!!

Though Krisscop easily won West Virginia, many analysts call it merely a symbolic victory....SYMBOLIC VICTORY!! Listen you gbuggers GIVE IT TO ME>>>I WON IT IT"S MINE!!! I HAVE CHINA YET THAT NEED ITS MATCH!!! I HAVE TO GET BACK THERE!!!!

And this THIS humiliating piece picked up by Rueturs about me also....HEY I should have KNOWN better, I was a PAROLE agent..and PROBATION...and worked in a "nut" house..but STILLL Look how they did me!!!
........I was walking past the mental hospital the other day,and all the patients were shouting ,"13....13....13"
The fence was too high to see over,but I saw a little gap in the planks and looked through to see what was going on.
Some bastard poked me in the eye with a stick.
Then they all started shouting "14....14....14"...
But seriously...heres a site of abandoned "state mental Hospital" pictures....yep...been there done that, have the set of keys to prove it...they never were very good on Key inventory!!!



MP said...

You crazy girl..crazy


That's a wild and hot picture. You look good girl.

ccw said...


Glad you got to enjoy some time with the thief. :)