Monday, February 02, 2009

What do you have the right to expect?

So..A friend and I have been pondering, what exactly can we EXPECT from life? From God?
Is there some magical chain we haven't learned about? Is sheer will enough? Obviously it is NOT or we wouldn't be so tired, spent and frustrated.

I got an interesting email regarding this today. It's called "Today's Quest"..and asks:
Today's Quest...
Which, if any, are you missing: a vision, or a job for your vision? _________________________________

When could you write several paragraphs about the vision you have for your job? _________________________________

What would be your "dream job"? Can you articulate it? _________________________________

Pursue Excellence ~ Reject Mediocrity Today.
What have you given yourself the RIGHT to EXPECT?

The question posed all last week at this site was simple: Are you taking ACTION to move your dreams into your life? Are you living your MISSION? If not, why not?

This week, we will focus on the power of crystal-clear EXPECTATIONS—an AWESOME POWER— trumping fantasies, wishes, dreams, hopes and aspirations every time.

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Sara said...

My dream job right now..i would love to be a cake decorater and baker...

Carl and I have been thinking about little ways we can begin helping this thing a long :)