Sunday, February 01, 2009


While we were waiting to go to the SLIPKNOT concert,
we had some time to kill, so we stopped at a GAMER's HEAVEN...3 stories of games, pool, videos, and...THE CLAW games. William said these claw games were only to be released in Japan."SEGA UFO CATCHERS" ..NOT here.. ...I..SPIED...Superman and Batman Stuffed characters. I HAD HAD to have one!! It was a COMPULSION, I couldn't fight. I must say, due to CAKEWRECKS.COM, having the latest bizarre caped crusader wrecks, I have found myself addicted to looking. My Friend Ness's brother...IS Superman in his alter ego. In real life, he is a married, step-dad, separated by time and space to his boys..and a good writer. He is funny, artistic, and well a hoot. ( Whatever 'tre real deal is''s him.

With him in mind..I HAD to posess superman! He tried to evade our attempts to rescue him from his plastic tomb. His arm literally got hung up on the side of the down chute. What's a girl to do, but to empty her gaming card out trying to rescue him?

BUT WAIT!! What's this???


NOT Clark KENT..but indeed...IT might be...RON M from Clark Kent's Lunchbox!!

I'm waiting on getting his address to send Superman home to his daddee.


CK Lunchbox said...

Bwahahahahaha! YOU are hilarious! At that was just after reading that you were going to a Slipnot concert! But that you emptied your game card to rescue me - THAT was awesome. I am touched! (Thanks & Thanks for the kind words).

Kareer Woman said...