Sunday, February 08, 2009

Seven Mary 3, Concert, Sponge, Days of New

I was trying to get into some trouble Friday night, when William (little darlin that he is) suggested the $15 concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino...After thinking about it 30 sec..I said Sure why not.
We picked up TY on the way...funny. Jerry and Beth, were meeting us in Shepherd with TY, I had NO cash...knew because I'd been charging TONS of stuff my credit limit on the card (one and ONLY credit card we have) was getting close..asked to borrow cash till Sat. Morning. He: "how much do you want" Me: thinking are you SERIOUS but say:" how much you GOT?" LOL. I did indeed took it all...but he had lost... so wasn't much.
We WERE able to score TWO free tickets from some Native Americans when we were in line!! WHOO HOO!!

THIS is MATT THE HAT from Z 93 Radio!! WHOO HOOO!!

MATT the Hat with Ty, William and Brice

Ty, Will, Brice goofin..and SO happy to be at Concert..TY's FIRST ONE!!

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