Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things I've done

Trying to find a place quick and accessible to begin my "Build my REsume" up with stuff I have done before.

Lead a riot in 3 rd grade over the unfair treatment of the younger students at Lunch. Policies changed.
Wrote and Acted as Lucy in the Charlie Brown Play in 5th grade

Lobbied for better teacher when Mr. Smith started throwing erasers at us.
I was the kid on the block collecting CANS for two cents each!!!
Babysat for a guy from church studying psychology, and always ALWAYS insisted on taking me home (so wife can put down the kids)..and they he'd try to f
French tongue me!!
Helped organize a traveling teen Choir from 20 different churches who traveled all summer on singer tours throughout the North of Michigan and into Canada. HUGE success, people lives changed, God was there. (just not in the back 2 seats where everyone who wanted to was screwing.)
I babysat. I team babysat. I organized students to rake leaves and mow lawns..I was the forman...they had to come to ME to get assigned. I got paid..I dolled out to them a portion!
Did the same thing with cleaning old lady houses...everyone had a cleaning partner.
I was an oragne belt wearing crossing Guard!! Protect and SWerve!! HA

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