Friday, October 24, 2008

JOB interview coming

I got THE call today. It is two weeks out. However..that gives me time to get a suit tailored (my friend Shelly just nabbed me about 10 suits but need to be altered), get some shoes (because of inserts I always wear Reebok heel supports)-not the best for "The MAN" look (what my clients used to call us ..."Dad.."THE MAN" from across the river is here!!(Court house was on opposite side of the river, get my hair cut and those nasty eyebrows waxed....and Meditate on how good it will feel to accept the position....
I quit full time work about 9 years ago. Why? I ask myself that frequently..however...I got pregnant, and really felt I should homeschool. My son was in 1st grade at the time, and his teacher, "teacher of the year" suggested I homeschool as the "school district has NOTHING to offer your children". This was before he was ever diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. I made accommodation's for him because that's just how he was.
We did that for 4 years. I say "WE" because the commitment to quit "State" employment was huge.
I keep thinking of the "what if's"--What if I hadn't quit--I'd have 9 more years toward retirement...we wouldn't be in the financial bind we are....I wouldn't have been able to bond with my kids like I did, I wouldn't have helped numerous families adopt kids, and Foster others..(My part time job I did as we homeschooled.)..ok. I know I can't go back and have a do-over. Wouldn't that be nice sometime?
How am I going to do back full time with 3 urchins in school? ..Contract work is good money--when you can get it...and keep it with the economy..but ..but..but..a cubicle is looking mighty good-with the insurance and "security". (is there such a job out there with security?)

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ness said...

It feels like it's time for you. I'm praying this is a good fit.