Monday, October 20, 2008

My Favorite category

This is My Friend Denise. She now lives in South Carolina...near Charleston in some jacked up town where she drives bus. (That's ME peeking behind her). This was 3 years ago...which I just found this photo because as BOSSY has us getting our Money in order, I'm trying to get my computer photos in order.
Denise...Drives bus. Other bus drivers have had guns on their bus, girls are giving BJ's for drugs on the that NOW any time the hint of light is not in the sky ALL bus light's are on. Fights, disturbances, swearing...all minor compared to the nastiness of attitudes.
Denise....Broken neck survivor and still walking, is precise, motivated, and LAUGHS out loud. She loves me...and it's hard not to love someone back that thinks YOU are the bomb!! She helps me accept myself, and is kind enough to kick my ass when I need it.


ness said...

WHOOO HOO! DENISE!!!!!! A heart of gold, generous and accepting, honest and best of all, HILARIOUS!


She sounds like my kind of friend. 'Course, you do too.