Saturday, October 18, 2008

I won the lottery~~

WOW WOW WOW!! Less than a Week after joining "BOSSY's" poverty party (hit widget at right) I have WON THE LOTTERY!! Can you BELIEVE IT??? I will share all my winnings with my blogging friends when I receive it!! My Email says so!!WHOO HOOO....oh....yah...right

The IRISH National Lottery
11 G Lower Dorset Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland
Ref: UK/9420X2/08

We wish to congratulate you over your email success in our
computer balloting Games held on the Month of OCTOBER 2008. This is
a Millennium Scientific Computer Draw in which your email address was
Selected among the Online Winners of The Irish National Lottery
programme,To encourage internet users,you do not have to buy
ticket before you are selected as a Winner, You have won the sum
of (£1,000,000.00) One Million Great British Pounds Sterlings,
in cash credited to file Ref No,UK/9420X2/68 ;Batch No 074/05/ZY369..
To claim your winning,Contact Our Fiduciary Claims Office,With The
1. Name: 2. Address 3. Age: 4. Sex: 5. Phone: 6. Country: 7.Occupation:

Phone Number: +44-704-571-92-69
On-Line Co-ordinator
Sarah Ahrens Clark(Mrs.)

Sample Scams Emails Involving the Irish National Lottery
How to Recognize Them and What To Do If You Receive One

There is only one legal national lottery in Ireland, the National Lottery and it does NOT use email to notify winners.

Below is a typical scam email, this one received in January 2007. We've highlighted some of the obvious clues that it is a fraud. Notice the many typos and misspellings, the selection by a "random email balloting system" (NO lottery does this!) and other nonsense.

See this page for much more information.
Irish Lottery Fraud Example 4

Ref: IR/9420X2/68 Batch: 074/05/ZY369


The Board of Directors, members of staff and the International Awareness Promotion Department of the Irish Gaming Board the official sponsor of the Irish national lottery , wishes to congratulate you on your success as the STAR PRIZE WINNER in this New year International Awareness Promotion (IAP) .

This makes you the proud owner of a cash prize of One Million three hundred and fifty Thousand Euro The courtesy of Irish Gaming Board and world Rehabilitation Philanthropist Club the Back bone sponsors of this International Awareness Promo(IPA).

The selection process was carried-out through random email balloting system from of our Ccomputerised Email Selection System (C.E.S.S.) from a database of over a million email addresses from the world wide web. Each email address was attached to a ticket number and your email address with :Ref: IR/9420X2/68 number: Batch number: 074/05/Z369 was randomly selected as the star prize winner amongst other consolation prize winners.

For you to collect your prizes, kindly fill the verification form below and submit same via email to the Claims Department of this office so that they can authenticate your winnings.

Do have a Wonderful Time while claiming your prize.

Contact The Coordinator: Dr Bebhinn Morgan:

TEL: Telephone:+44-7045705167,7024080363,7024080374.


2.) AGE:
3.) SEX:
8.) PHONE:
13.) Batch NUMBER:

Congratulations once more, and keep trusting Irish National Lottery Promo.


All new Yahoo! Mail "The new Interface is stunning in its simplicity and ease of use." - PC Magazine

And if you contact them, you will get another email, similar to this one, again with poor grammar, nonsense, random email balloting, use of free Yahoo email accounts (ever heard of ANY reputable company that doesn't have its own domain?) and the usual manure:

Good day,

I have tried to reach you on the telephone Number You Submitted to Us in Your Claim processing form but I could not get through as a Result of Some Technical Difficulties from the Telephone operator. I want to thank you for the urgent response concerning your lottery winning as this shows how diligent you are in ensuring that things work out especially helping us with the Information needed for the verification process of your winning fund. I want you to count yourself Lucky as a Winner of this Irish National Lottery as being sponsored by the Irish Gaming Board here in the United Kingdom .

The Online raffle draw which made you the winner of this lottery is the annual draw that is been conducted Once in a year in the Irish National lottery Office, This is to Enhance E-commerce and Trading as the Chief Executive Officer of the Microsoft Company have once advised that Lottery Company should start Online draw by taking Internet into another exciting dimension of Life. It is in view of this that the Irish National Lottery, (A renowned Lottery Company in the United Kingdom) decided to start what is known to be the Online Lottery draws making them a stakeholder in this development that is highly related and Useful to Mankind.

Thousands of Email addresses all over the world where selected from various email account and five were selected at random, This was how your email address was selected, therefore making you to have won in the first Category of this draw. Please be informed that you won alongside four other people and we got Information from Our Affiliated Courier company that they delivered the Winning Check of one of the winners to him yesterday, We have his email address and contact address for verification and confirmation, We have preferred not to disclose there identity to the Member Of the Public until it is demanded Officially, this is to protect and Uphold the Privacy, Terms and Condition as adopted by this Company.

As a matter Of Urgency, I wish to inform you that you have been cleared for payment by the Claims department of this office. Hence, Your winning check alongside with other winning documents which include the Claim certificate and the Money Laundering certificate have been made available and will be handed over to you by our affiliated Courier Company as soon as you are ready to get this from them.

Note that we are aware of the fact that there are a lot of Lottery Scandals out there just to get poor citizen reaped off by some evil doers, Well we wish to disclaim our self from all this Un Godly act and to let you know that this Irish National Lottery is a Scheme that is been operated under the law as we have been Licensed to do this by the British Government, Our Activities are in accordance with section4, subsection 4(ii) of the Gambling act of the 1999 constitution as it is applicable in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Winner, I wish to advice you to contact Our Courier Company and Negotiate an arrangement for delivery with them as we have already handed over your winning Check and other documents to them for delivery. Their Contact Information is as stated below:



Telephone: +442070605901, 7045700956, 7011148375

Contact them as soon as possible as they will be of Good help. I will Advice you call there Customer Care telephone Number to Book a Delivery Appointment with them as soon as you send them an email. I need to make It Clear to You at this Juncture that Since this Check and All Other Accompanying Documents have Finally been Issued In Your Name, You Will be responsible for Any Cost Of Transfer that May be demanded For by the Courier Company.

May you need my help in any other way? Please, always be free to get back to me via email or fax, as our office is also open from Monday to Saturday to attend to Our Winners and there well wishers.

Please do ensure that its your duty that you keep this office informed of all transactions between yourself and the courier company so as to avoid misunderstanding and brigding of terms .
As Our Winner for this year, On behalf Of the Chairman Of the Irish Gaming Board, Sir Ezekiel Smith and all the Board Of Directors of this Scheme, I Want to

Congratulate you as you are a lucky success to be celebrated.

Dr Bebhinn Morgan




Damn girl, with all of the winnings you have received notice on this year, you should be a billionaire. Sheez. Screw the job search.

BOSSY said...

Wow how (not) fantastic!